MybpCreditCard – Guide About Registration & Login

MyBPCreditCards Credit cards have made life easier for customers by giving them the convenience of easy payment without comprising their needs. BP cards are the credit cards distributed under the brand name of British Petroleum. MyBPCreditCards have been licensed under VISA US Inc. These cards provide economic stability to the consumers while making it easier for them to pay their shopping bills, electricity bills, and other essential payments. 

MyBPCreditCards are the perfect choice for the consumers who are regular visitors at BP Gas Station. These cards are primarily utilized for filling fuel tanks with gasoline but customers can also use them for making any routine payments. 

You can use these cards not only for making standard payments but can get exclusive benefits too. You can easily get a $0.10  discount on every $100 per gallon while purchasing gas. You can also avail of other rewards and benefits on selected brands. It is value back for your money.

Different Types of MyBPCreditCards and Their Benefits

With MyBPCreditCards, the customers get two kinds of services that are;

  • BP VISA Credit Cards 
  • BP VISA Signature 

You can select any of these card services based on your requirements and budget. Both of these cards are designed to be ideally utilized for making payments. BP ViSA Cards are widely opted by users given their benefits, rewards, and flexibility of payments. With BP VISA Cards the customers can get up to 15% off per gallon for every $100 on various purchases such as their shopping bills, groceries, and other travel items.

Some of the benefits of BP VISA Cards are:

  • There is no annual fixed fee that customers have to pay for the credit card. The consumers only have to pay for whatever expenses they have incurred.
  • All the points or rewards earned with My BP VISA Credit Cards can be easily redeemed at any gas station.
  • The customers’ safety and security are the topmost priority. You can conveniently make payments without trading off your security. WIth My BP VISA Credit Card, you can rest assured that your account is secured and completely safe against any thefts and frauds.

How to earn rewards with MyBPCreditCards?

    • With MyBPCreditCards, you can earn exclusive rewards that can be redeemed later at any gas station. If you are a regular customer, you can easily get a 10% discount on every expenditure of $100.
    •  You can redeem these rewards earned via MyBPCreditCards at 7000 locations in the United States itself.
    • The credits earned are always available and have no fixed time duration. This means that you can redeem these rewards anytime anywhere in the United States since they don’t come with an expiry date.
  • MyBPCreditCards also offers additional benefits such as cost analysis, online tools, debates, and etc. You can also apply for credit cards like MyMileStoneCard. It’s also good card and provides many benefits.

How to apply for MyBPCreditCard – Detailed Guide

  • To apply for MyBPCreditCard, open your web browser and type in the URL
  • A homepage will appear on the screen stating the terms and conditions, read the content on the screen thoroughly and then proceed with the further application process.
  • Enter your details such as your full name, your current residential address, zip code, your social security number, contact.
  • Enter these details correctly to avoid any mishappening in the future.
  • You will be asked to mention your yearly income and source of your income, enter these details correctly. You can also provide your employee ID and select the type of account you would like to maintain.

How to register and activate MyBPCreditCard

  • Once you apply for your MyBPCreditCard, you have to register your card online so that you can use it to make payment.
  • To register your card online, go to your web browser and visit
  • You will see an option of registration at the login page, click on that option.
  • Keep your credit card handy to fill in the details.
  • Enter your card details in the empty field such as your card number, your security code and other details to complete the registration process.
  • Provide a username and create a strong password for your account.
  • Enter the security question and click on captcha to complete the procedure.
  • Now that you have registered your account, you can easily make online payments and keep a track of all of your transactions.

How to Login to MyBPCreditCard Account?


Now, that you have activated your MyBPCreditCard, let’s look at how you can log in to your account.

  • Open your desired web browser and navigate to the official site
  • A login page will appear on the screen, click on the option that says “log in to your account.”
  • Enter your username and password and click on a secured login option.
  • Once you have logged in, you can easily manage your expenses, your transaction history, and other financial data.

How to Recover or Reset your MyBPCreditCard Account Password?

If by any chance you lose or forget your password for your MyBPCreditCard account, you can follow these steps to reset your password and login again.

  • Open your web browser and visit the official website that is
  • A login page will appear on the screen, enter your username and click on the option available right beside the password field that says “forgot password”.
  • You will be asked to provide your user ID and Zip code for the account, enter the details correctly.
  • Once you provide the necessary details, you will receive a link on your registered email address.
  • Click on the link to reset your password. Make sure you create a strong password and try to remember it for future purposes.

How to Make Online Payments with MyBPCreditCard Account

  • Once you have activated your MyBPCreditCard account, you can easily make online payments with your account by following simple steps.
  • Go to your desired web browser and type in the URL
  • A login page will appear on the screen, enter your username and password correctly to log in safely.
  • Once you have successfully logged in, go to Billings and Payments option.
  • You can select the mode of payment that is most convenient for you.
  • If you do not want to pay your bills online, you can also send the mail.

MyBPCreditCard Errors and how to deal with them?

  • You might face certain errors while logging to the MyBPCreditCard account. If the site takes too long to load,  there might be a possibility that the server is down, be patient and try again in a few minutes, if it still doesn’t load, contact the customer care service, the executives will look into the mater as soon as possible.
  • The login issue may arise if you do not have a stable internet connection. Make sure your internet connection is stable while you are connecting to your  MyBPCreditCard account.
  • If you face any issue while making a payment or selecting the mode of payment, contact the MyBPCreditCard customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I contact BP Credit Card Customer Service?

You can contact BP Credit Card Customer Services at any time. They are available for you 24*7. The contact number is available at the back of your credit card.

  • How long will it take to receive my card after applying?

Once you have applied for your card online, you will receive the card within 6-7 business days. In case you don’t receive your card within the said duration, contact the customer care services, you can also visit and live chat with the customer care agent.

  • Are there any additional charges for the rewards by MyBPCreditCard?

No, you won’t be charged extra for the rewards and benefits of Card but you will definitely be charged extra if you exceed the bill payment time.

  • Where can I use MyBPCreditCard?

You can use your card anywhere to make payments such as shopping bills, electricity bills, groceries, etc. You will earn rewards only when you use them at gas stations.

  • How much reward can I earn by using MyBPCreditCard at gas stations?

You earn 10 cents for spending $100, you can earn more if you use this card for making payments at gas stations and selected stores.

  • How can I pay the MyBPCreditCard bill?

You can pay your MyBPCreditCardBill by simply visiting the official site You will see an option of Bills and Payments. Click on that option, select your mode of payment and pay your bills.

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