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If you are thinking of making improvements to your home but aren’t sure because of a lack of funding, Home Depot Credit Cards can come off as a great deal to you. Facing emergencies that have come with a huge cost, Home Depot Credit Cards have got you covered. Since, there is a variety of Home Depot Credit Cards available in the market, the decision to choose the right card that fulfills your home credit needs becomes difficult. This article gives out a complete guide regarding the different Home Depot Cards available and what is best suited for you.
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As of now, there are four Home Depot Credit Cards available, two for consumers, and two for the companies. So until and unless you are in the commercial line, you won’t require the company card.

What are the benefits that Home Depot Credit Card Offers?

The Home Depot Credit Card offers great benefits but let’s look at some key highlights of the card

  • The company offers two credit cards for the consumers so they can choose the one that gives maximum benefits and fulfil their requirements.
  • The standard Home Deport Credit Card offers an interest rate of 0 {bc04cbb1b3484d1c61dc7703ffa327bc8f83fd31d78c417babb52793a3c6375c} as a part of their promotional offers.
  • The APR that Home Depot credit card offers limits between 17.99{bc04cbb1b3484d1c61dc7703ffa327bc8f83fd31d78c417babb52793a3c6375c} to 26.99 {bc04cbb1b3484d1c61dc7703ffa327bc8f83fd31d78c417babb52793a3c6375c}
  • The Home Depot provides a Project Loan Credit Card that works like a line of credit and gives you enough time to pay your credit amount even if it is as high as $55,000.
  • If you want to make purchases regarding agriculture or your garden – Home Depot Credit Card for Consumers

  • The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card is similar to other store credit cards, you can use it to make payments at the Home Depot.
  • If you make purchases worth over $299, you will receive a 0{bc04cbb1b3484d1c61dc7703ffa327bc8f83fd31d78c417babb52793a3c6375c} interest rate for 6 months and other promotional offers over a year. You can buy different home appliances and pay no interest.  There are special offers on heating and air conditioning appliances.
  • Although the promotion offer seems quite alluring and would attract a lot of customers, you only get the benefits if you completely follow the rules. Similar to the most deferred interest offer 0{bc04cbb1b3484d1c61dc7703ffa327bc8f83fd31d78c417babb52793a3c6375c} interest means you need to pay the entire balance amount before your six months period.
  • If you miss the due date even by a day, you will be charged the complete interest amount as if the 0 {bc04cbb1b3484d1c61dc7703ffa327bc8f83fd31d78c417babb52793a3c6375c} interest never existed.
  • These promotional offers are usually kept to lure customers, the deadline will create a sense of urgency and the customers would try to pay the balance before the end of 6 months.
  • If you have a history of late or inconsistent payments, it’s better to read the terms and conditions before applying for any such offers.
  • If you want to avail of Home Depot Credit Card Offers head to
  • If you aren’t sure of applying for Home Depot Credit Cards given their high-interest rate, you can consider applying for Best Buy Credit Card for your home appliances. Go to BestBuy.accountonline and go through their terms.

Terms and conditions for Home Depot Consumer Credit Card

  • The interest rate charged on home depot plastic is comparatively high than other credit cards.
  • If you have an average or poor credit score, this not a credit card for you. To get the benefits of Home Depot Credit Card Offers, you need to have a fair credit score.
  • With this credit card, you will not get any special offers such as rewards or cashback, unlike other cards.
  • If you ever miss a payment and you will get a grace period of 25 days, if no promotional offer applies, you will be charged $35 as a penalty charge for late fees. – The Project Loan Card by Home Depot

  • If you are preparing or planning a huge renovation for your house, the Home Depot offers a project loan card that provides a credit line of up to $55,000.
  • The card doesn’t charge any annual fees and provides you 84 months to repay the balance in full and offers a 6-month buying window for making purchases.
  • The interest rate on this card is 7.99{bc04cbb1b3484d1c61dc7703ffa327bc8f83fd31d78c417babb52793a3c6375c} without any additional benefits. This is more like a credit line or loan than your credit card.
  • Although the 84 months period seems attractive and better than the Home Depot Consumer credit card, if you wait the whole 84 months to pay the balance, the interest rate increases gradually and become more expensive. For example, if you have a loan of $40,000, you would end up paying more than $12,000 or 30{bc04cbb1b3484d1c61dc7703ffa327bc8f83fd31d78c417babb52793a3c6375c} extra for the same project.

If your project is quite an emergency such as fixing the heater or ac or repairing, you could try saving for it instead of purchasing it on credit, this will eventually lead you to save a lot and it would become cheaper eventually over a period of time. However, if you have a history of paying the credit balance on time or within the promotional period offer, you can definitely go for Home Depot Credit Card. To apply for the Home Depot Credit Cards go to


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Home Depot Credit Cards?

You can use the Home Depot Credit Cards at any Home Depot store. It offers four credit cards, two for customers, and two for companies. You can opt for The Project Loan Card by Home Depot and flexibility of repayment and time limit of up to 84 months and can get a credit line of up to $55,000.

What shall I do if I face any troubles regarding Home Depot Credit Cards?

If you face any troubles regarding the Home Depot Credit Cards, contact the customer care service or simply visit

Who is eligible to apply for Home Depot Credit Cards?

To apply for Home Depot Credit Cards, you must be 18 years or above. You must be a permanent US citizen and should not have any pending or ongoing legal cases against you.

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