americanexpress/confirmcard- Detailed Guide about Credit Card Confirmation you are facing any trouble regarding your American Express card, then head straight to. This is the official website for American Express and provides assistance to the customers regarding any query pertaining to their credit cards. The customers can verify as well as confirm their credit cards online by simply visiting the official site.

If you have just started using the American Express cards, follow through the article to get a detailed guide regarding the activation and confirmation of your American Express card.

About American Express

The American Express is one of the leading financial services company with its headquarters situated in New York. The company laid its foundation in the late 1850s and is popularly known for its credit cards, charge cards, travel, shopping, and other forms of card services. To know more visit the americanexpress/confirmcard

The company started off as an express mail business in Buffalo in 1850. The company was then headquartered at the intersection of  Jay Street and Hudson Street. In 1857 the American Express entered the financial services market by incorporating a money order business against the United States post money order. You can also avail the tractor supply credit card if you have an above or average credit score. the card comes with various benefits and rewards.

In 1980, American Express became an established financial services company and acquired many organizations as its investment banking help. Cut to 2016, 22.9{bc04cbb1b3484d1c61dc7703ffa327bc8f83fd31d78c417babb52793a3c6375c} of the total dollar volume of credit card transactions in the US is comprised of the American Express network. As of December 2016, there were more than 109.9 million active American Express cards out of which 47.5 million were active in the US itself each one having an annual expenditure of $17,216.

About American Express Credit Cards

American Express provides high-quality credit card services and is a reputed as well as trusted financial services company. It offers a wide range of cards suitable for consumers from different backgrounds. Since American Express is known to provide supreme quality benefits to its consumers, each one of its credit cards is customized to suit the varied needs and requirements of the consumers.

Here are some of the credit cards and their benefits offered by the American Express:americanexpress/confirmcard

Blue Cash Preferred

  • With this card, the customers get a discount or cashback of 6{bc04cbb1b3484d1c61dc7703ffa327bc8f83fd31d78c417babb52793a3c6375c} on the purchase of anything from the US supermarket. You can also use this card at the coffee shop or theatres.
  • The annual limit for the reward stands at $6000, once this limit is exhausted, the reward rate declines to 1{bc04cbb1b3484d1c61dc7703ffa327bc8f83fd31d78c417babb52793a3c6375c}. 
  • The Blue Cash has 0 annual fees and can provide 3{bc04cbb1b3484d1c61dc7703ffa327bc8f83fd31d78c417babb52793a3c6375c} cash back for spending $6000 per year.
  • The Blue Cash Preferred is ideally suitable for large families that don’t get affected by the huge annual fee and can easily enjoy the benefits.

The American Express Card Every Day

  • This is the only card that leads to the bonus if used effectively and quite regularly.
  • The reward usually comprises of membership rewards points that can be redeemed later to get travel, gift cards, and shopping.
  • The reward points earned due to regular usage of this card can easily be transferred to airline and hotel partners such as Aero plan, British Airways, Alitalia, Asia Miles, Delta Sky Miles, Etihad Airways, Hilton Honours and Starwood Preferred Guest.
  • Apart from a less sign-up bonus and an additional charge of 2.7{bc04cbb1b3484d1c61dc7703ffa327bc8f83fd31d78c417babb52793a3c6375c} on foreign transactions, American Express’s everyday card can prove to be a good choice.

Simply Cash Plus Business Credit Cards

  • This card comes as a beneficiary to small business owners as it helps them to earn extra rewards for expanding their businesses without adding on irrelevant expenses.
  • With this benefit, the businesses can get big-time cash back on standard or regular expenses with an additional benefit of a choice of own 3{bc04cbb1b3484d1c61dc7703ffa327bc8f83fd31d78c417babb52793a3c6375c} category.
  • Categories comprise of airfare bought from an airline, hotel rooms booked straight from the hotels, car rentals from exclusive companies, gas stations, restaurants, and advertising with specific media industries.
  • Apart from the above-mentioned things it comes with a sign of bonus and a $0 annual fee. The cash plus business credit card user can easily access the American Express OPEN. 

The Platinum Card 

  • As the name suggests, the platinum card offers premium as well as exclusive elite advantages such as entry to high-class airport lounges, the statement credit for airline incidental fees or calling an uber, Starwood Preferred Guest exclusive gold status and much more. 
  • You can get an exciting bonus and massive reward points that can be redeemed later for travel gift cards, shopping, and hotel partners like Aero plan, British Airways, Alitalia, Asia Miles, Delta Sky Miles, Etihad Airways, Hilton Honours and Starwood Preferred Guest.
  • The card is ideal for someone who travels abroad frequently as it charges zero foreign transaction fees.

Apart from the above-mentioned cards, there are several other cards offered by Amerian Express. You can visit americanexpress/confirmcard and select the card as per your requirements.

Why should you consider American Express Financial Services?americanexpress/confirmcard

  • To avail of all the benefits of American Express Services, you need to register and create an account by visiting the
  • With American Express services, you will be able to manage all your finances under one roof with a single click.
  • You can get details about all your payment history and transactions. You can request your transaction history for up to 30 days.
  • If you are an ardent or regular customer of the American Express and are using their credit cards, you get exclusive benefits such as discounts, cash backs at supermarkets, hotel bookings or flight tickets.
  • American Express Services are completely safe and reliable. All your financial information and data are secured with their latest and upgraded safety features. All of your data is safe with end to end encryption.
  • You can subscribe to the email and text notifications so that can be notified regarding your billing due dates. You can also turn on two-step verification to keep your account safe and get notified against any potential threat or fraudulent activity on your account.
  • If you ever misplace or lose your American Express credit card password, simply contact the customer care service, the executives will assist you and guide you with the necessary actions. They are available 24*7 for your help.
  • You can also visit and have a live chat with the customer care agents and get effective solutions regarding your queries.

Confirming American Express

If you have recently purchased the American Express card and looking out for a detailed guide to activate your card then follow through the given procedure. You can activate your American Express card by visiting or you can also activate your card easily through your mobile phone.

How to confirm americanexpress/confirmcard Online americanexpress/confirmcard

  • Open your web browser and navigate to the official site of the American Express that is Simply type in the URL in your search bar and click on okay.
  • A homepage will appear on the screen and you will be welcomed with a standard American Express Card.
  • Now, you will be asked to provide all the necessary details. Note that the official site does not ask for any personal detail on this page.
  • Enter the details asked in the space provided and click on the confirm tab.
  • You will be now directed to the next page and asked whether you already had an account with americanexpress/confirmcard or not. 
  • If you already have an account click on “log in” and if you are not an existing user click on “register a new account” button.
  • Now if you are registering for the first time you will be asked to provide your personal details such as your full name, mother’s name, age, date of birth, address, contact number, email address.
  • Enter the above-mentioned details correctly, check them again to ensure that there is no mistake and click on okay.
  • Once you have filled your personal details you will be asked to select a username and set a password for your account.
  • Select a username for your account and create a strong password with upper and lower case alphabets as well as numbers and symbols. Remember the username and password or write them safely somewhere. These credentials would be required next time you would log in to your account. 
  • Once you have performed the above-mentioned steps click on the finish button.
  • Your card has successfully been confirmed, you will be directed to the americanexpress/confirmcard gateway to show that your card confirmation has been completed.

How to confirm americanexpress/confirmcard through Mobile Phone?

  • If you come across troubles while confirming your American Express card online, you can confirm your card through your mobile phone.
  • To confirm americanexpress/confirmcard through your mobile phone, contact American Express number for instant help dial 1-800-362-6033.
  • You can follow the given steps to go through the phone confirmation of the American Experience card.
  • You can initiate the confirmation process by calling the number that has been mentioned above. You will be connected to the American Express customer executive. The customer care executive will then guide you for further procedures. 
  • The customer care executive will then ask you about the details of your card such as your card number, the CVV, and other important details.
  • Provide all the details correctly to the customer care executive so that they can initiate the process of confirming your americanexpress/confirmcard.
  • Once you have performed the above steps you will soon receive notification regarding the confirmation and verification of your card. The phone banking feature will be automatically activated on your device within a few minutes.

Customer Care Service-americanexpress/confirmcard

  • The American Express Customer Care services are available 24*7 to clear customer queries and provide full support and guidance.
  • The American Express Customer Care services are economical and considerate about the customers coming from various backgrounds.
  • The American Express Customer Care Executives are quick and effective while dealing with your queries
  • The American Express  Customer Care Staff helps with any technical issues that may arise while activating or confirming your American Express Card.
  • The American Express Staff is cordial and humble. They provide full assistance to the customers while dealing with any issues regarding sign up bonuses or discounts.
  • The American Express Staff is well trained and qualified to provide you expert advice regarding your financial queries.
  • Along with calling the customer care services, you can also ask your queries via the live chat on the official site that is Simply log in with your username and password and live chat with the customer care agent.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get the American Express Card?

  • Open your web browser and navigate to the official site that is
  • Register and create your American Express account.
  • Fill up all the necessary details and select from the varied list of credit cards depending upon your requirements.
  • Apply for the credit card and get instant approval from the American Express.
  • Why is it important to confirm my American Express Card?

You need to confirm your card so that you can use your card without any interruption. All your queries and doubts will only be entertained after you confirm your American Express Card, you can confirm your card either online or by calling the American Express Customer Care Service Number.

  • Are American Express Cards worth using?

Yes, American Express Cards are worth applying for. It depends on how you redeem your membership card. While many redemptions cost less than one percentage point. American Express has several transfer options that help in raising the average point value.

  • What is the maximum amount of credit card a person can hold?

The maximum credit and charge cards are limited up to 4 cards. So if you currently have four active cards, you cannot apply for more.

  • Is it simple to confirm the American Express Card?

Yes, it is quite simple to confirm your American Express Card, you can either confirm your card via online method or you can simply contact the customer care services, the agents would guide you for the further procedure.

  • What is the best time to contact the American Express Customer Care Service?

The American Express Customer Service is available 24*7*365. You can contact them anytime, the customer care staff is humble as well as experts in their field. They will provide quick and effective solutions to your problems. You can also visit the official site and have a live chat with the customer care agent, explain to them your issues and they will deal with as earliest as possible.

  • I am having troubles while logging into my account, what should I do?

There might be some technical errors with the website or it may be temporarily down due to some server issues. Refresh the page or wait some time and come back again. Also, make sure you are on the official webpage If you are still facing the troubles, contact the American Express Customer Care Services.

  • What type of Credit Card is American Express?

American Express is not a Visa or Master Card, it is a different card network from the. Visa and Master Cards are two of the major card networks and there can’t have two card networks, hence you will never hear America Express Visa Credit Card.

  • How can I earn the American Express Black Card?

You will be eligible to earn American Express Black Card provided you fulfill the following criteria:

  • You need to own an American Express Card at least for a year.
  • Your total spending annually should be between $100,000 – $450,000.
  • Your total income should be around $1 million annually.
  • You should have a high net worth.
  •  What is the income eligibility for American Express Platinum Card?

The income that you have stated in your application letter plays an important role in your card approval. On average, the Platinum Card users have a higher income, though higher income is not a requirement. It is recommended that your annual income should be between $50,000 or more than that to apply for the American Express Platinum Card.

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